Here at littleBug we are all about fighting the war against baby teething!

My name is Bailey, and littleBug’s story starts with the birth of my daughter, Belle. Our poor little Belle bug started showing signs of teething pain when she was around 3-months-old but we didn’t see her first tooth until she was 8-months-old. As new parents my husband and I were unsure what products to use to help soothe her. We tried a few different toys and tricks that other mothers suggested, but nothing seemed to help her.

We wanted to stay away from over the counter pain relievers, and at 6-months-old we bought our first teething necklace. It was a saving grace for us – although it was constantly ripping my long hair out - Belle loved to play with it, chew on it and occasionally throw it at us. We were so happy to see her tears fade and her smile growing that we wanted to have this amazing product everywhere. In our search for a small, easy to store necklace we found some amazing Canadian companies that sold the materials we needed to make our own soother clips.

With inspiration from other momtrapeneurs and the help of my wonderful husband Mike – my full-time, unpaid and definitely over qualified assistant – we started making soother clips for friends and family. Word started to spread about our soother clips, which lead to many conversations and late nights to develop a few different products that we are proud of today.

At littleBug we strive to provide teething relief for all the little bugs out there, while keeping our products safe and affordable for parent’s. Check out our latest designs, and contact us to order yours today!